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Talks & Workshops

for your school, group or organisation



Grow offers a range of talks and workshops that focus on understanding and supporting a wide range of topics such as, neurodiversity & early intervention in schools, understanding Autism, understanding ADHD, mental health in schools, and supporting eating disorders in schools. Our goal is to support and empower teachers, parents, school nurses, pastoral care teams, and other related professionals by providing insights and resources to help them better understand and serve the needs of students. Through our talks and seminars, we strive to create a safe and supportive space to promote knowledge-sharing and positive dialogue.

Talks can be delivered remotely anywhere in the world. As we work with a wide range of professionals, our Talks can also be tailored to your setting and audience.

Understanding ADHD:
'I didn’t know I was tapping'
Walking in their shoes: Understanding Dyslexia in the Classroom
Eating Disorders
in Schools
Understanding Dyscalculia
Supporting the Mental Health of Neurodiverse Adolescents and Teens in a School Setting
 Understanding, Identifying and Supporting Neurodiverse children in an Early Years Setting
Understanding Autism
for Educators 
Understanding Autism for Theraputic Professionals

More coming soon

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