Support services with the whole family in mind

At Grow we understand the best way to support children and young people is to look at how we can support their wider environment. In collaboration with The Child and Adolescent Development Centre and our extended network of trusted professionals in a range of disciplines, Grow can offer parents a range of pathways to highly skilled supporting services.

Parent Consultation

This consultation can be used to look at past Educational Reports, discuss future decisions regarding schools and possible educational interventions. The aim of this meeting is to offer guidance as needed within the field of education about the best possible next steps for your child. 

Price: £90 for an hour consultation

Further Support Consultation

To help parents identify constructive pathways to support, this consultation will look in depth at your child's education and therapeutic needs together. This can include looking at any past diagnostic reports or investigating unexplored areas of need.  The aim of this meeting is to offer guidance in determining if additional intervention is needed along with clear referral pathways to expert professionals who together can support your child in reaching their potential. 


Price: £300 for a consultation of up to 90 minutes