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Projects Abroad 

Our Programme

Our Projects Abroad programme is working with a growing number of schools and community groups around the world to offer our BALANCE training on a pro-bono basis both live and via our on demand courses. Through liaising with our Grow Ambassadors on the ground, the aim of the programme is to help schools, families and in the wider community support the children and young people in their care in building the skills they need to feel confident and empowered within themselves

If you would like to know more about how to access our programmes or offer your support, please get in touch.

Costa Rica

Las Barisas Soccer Club for at risk children and young people 

This non-profit project works to support the physical and mental health of vulnerable children through soccer. Las Barisas (Breezes) strives to improve self-esteem through the positive development of social communication skills and the sense of belonging that comes with being an active part of a team. Through this proactive approach to supporting children and young people at risk of exposure to substance abuse and antisocial engagement, Las Barisas helps young people find a new and better way to participate in their local communities.

This training was offered in spanish to ensure the young people involved got the most out of the experience.

Destiny Junior Education Centre

Destiny school educates 365 children ages 3-13 years. Over twenty five percent of the children are orphans and the school also supports 15 children with HIV. The school consists of ten classrooms spread across two buildings. The school has ten teachers and a number of support staff. Teachers are currently being trained by a local college to become fully qualified.

Destiny Junior Education Centre is supported by Nia Children’s Foundation, Edu Afric and the Aga Khan Foundation

Kitengela Green Valley Academy 

The school officially started in the year 2012. Year 2013 the school was registered with the ministry of Culture & social services as a Community Based Organization with a total of 12 members. The school operate from classrooms made of Iron sheets all round & earthen floors. Enrolment starts from preschool and primary school ranging from grade one to Five.


There are currently, 404 students in all classes, including 30 students in the newly introduced Junior Secondary School in the newly launched Kenyan education system. The learners are children between 3 and 13 years of age. Over 25% the children are orphans. The school also supports 15 children living with HIV/AIDS. The school has 18 teachers and 3 non-teaching staff and consists of two sections; primary and Junior Secondary. In total, the school has 11 classrooms, a computer laboratory and a science laboratory all spread across three buildings. The school is still reaching out to prospective donors and well wishers to help us to fully equip our laboratories.

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