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Jess Heyworth-Dunne

Graduate Diploma in Law, TEFL Certified, Level 5 OCR, Level 7 in dyscalculia, Level 5 in Literacy, Level 7 in Maths, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Coach, NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and Certified Mindset Dimensions Practitioner (ICF CCE Accredited), Certified Breathwork facilitator

Co-Founder, Director of BALANCE, Co Director of Organisational Development

I am a special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) teacher with Specialist Teacher training: Level 5 in Literacy and Level 7 in Maths. I have been engaged as a 1:1 SEND specialist across London for many years in mainstream and special schools, as well as in some of the city’s most reputable tuition agencies. In addition to my work with primary and secondary age students, I have extensive experience working with nursery age children, which has given me great insight into the importance of understanding a child’s needs from the earliest possible stage.

It is the combination of these experiences that has provided the inspiration for Grow. Together with my work in education, I am devoted to the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. I am also deeply committed to charities aimed at supporting access to education and the overall wellbeing of children and young people around the world.

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