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Empowering Young People to Thrive

Welcome to Grow

Grow believes that executive functioning skills and a strong foundation in mental health and wellbeing are the key to helping young people thrive.

Our BALANCE: Executive Functioning & Wellbeing programme and other bespoke on-demand courses, along with our wide range of eBooks, specialist talks and workshops, are designed by professionals with first hand knowledge of the support children, young people and families need in their day to day lives.​ 

At Grow we also understand how busy everyday life can be, with this in mind we ensure that all of our resources are easy to access and can be viewed at your own pace.

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On-Demand Course & Subscription Services


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On-demand courses, downloads, videos and e-books for children and how to equip them in fun and engaging ways to help them throughout different stages of school.

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"Thank you for developing these innovative tools for parents and educators to help guide the educational and mental health growth of our children."

What parents & guardians say about our BALANCE Growth Mindset eBooks

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